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Fragranced Wax Wardrobe Hangers to put in your Cupboard, Wardrobe or Drawers. The fragrance will last for months and can be used as a Wax Melt in your burner if you decide you would like to change the scent or you feel the scent has reduced - once heated the scent will become even stronger.


Currently only available in limited scents, more to be added soon.


Disc's measure 1.9cm x 7cm, the Hollow disc contains approx 45g of Wax and the full disc has approx 75g.


Please note some are plain and some contain botanicals.


Please read the guidance provided to get the best results from your Wardrobe Fragrance Hanger. We DO NOT recommend using in your Car, as the wax may melt from the heating or the Sun's heat through the window.


The disc's are hand made and hand poured using coconut and rapeseed oil wax and have a strong scent throw achieved using Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils.


If you have specific requests, please DM us on our @macyhudsonhome Instagram or use the 'Contact Us' form on the home page. Please note: specific requests may take longer to arrive to you depending on our available stock.

Wax Wardrobe Fragrance Hangers

PriceFrom £5.00
  • We use Coconut Oil & Rapeseed Oil Wax in all of our candles and wax melts which is 100% natural and developed specifically to produce beautifully clean melts with strong fragrance throw (achieved using up to 10% fragrance oils from various suppliers).

    All of our wax melts and candles will come with CLP safety information based on the fragrance oil used. You can request a copy of the 10%/25% fragrance oil SDS by using our 'Contact Us' on the homepage.

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