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Our beautifully strong wax melts are perfect for those that love a strong fragrance that fills their whole home. 


Wax Melts have the most powerful scent throw of all home fragrance products - if you have a large room to fill, love your fragrance strong or want to over power those cooking smells (for example), our wac melts are perfect for you. 


Our wax melts are made from Coconut & Rapeseed Oil Wax and blended with high quality fragrance oils to achieve their fantastic scent throw. Our wax is 100% natural, clean burning and pops straight out of your burner once the fragrance has fully dispersed and you want to change your melts.


All of our products are vegan, cruelty free and non-toxic.

Wax Melts - various scents

PriceFrom £1.30
  • All of our wax melts, candles and diffusers will come with CLP safety information based on the fragrance oil used, if applicable. You can request a copy of the 10% fragrance oil SDS by using our 'Contact Us' form on the homepage. 

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