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Using a MHH Room Spray

Room Sprays are perfect for that instant scent kick when you want to freshen up a room or you have visitors coming over and you have no time to clean or light a candle.

They are beautifully strong and hassle-free to use. You can also use them for your car or office, wherever you need a strong burst of fragrance.

Here is how to use them correctly:

  1. Shake the bottle well to ensure the fragrance and oils are well combined

  2. Remove lid

  3. Spray the fragrance directly into the centre of the room, away from your face and eyes and at least 30cm from soft furnishings including carpets, sofas and curtains

  4. Do not spray near a flame as the fragrance could be flammable

  5. Do not spray onto tiled/laminate flooring as the spray contains oil and will make hard surfaces extremely slippery

  6. Most importantly, enjoy the beautifully strong fragrance spreading through your home

REMINDER: we sell refills for all of our candles, diffusers, soaps, lotions and room sprays here.

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