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Setting up your MHH Car Diffuser

Car Diffusers release beautifully strong fragrance in your choice of scent, into your car all day long, giving you a burst of fragrance each time you get in the car.

Here is how to use them correctly:

  1. Unscrew the top of the diffuser to reveal a small plastic stopper

  2. Keeping the diffuser bottle upright at all times, carefully remove the stopper and replace the screw top ensuring it is secure (do not twist it too tight as the lid is made of soft cork, but it should be tight enough that it keeps the bottle of fragrance in place)

  3. Keeping the bottle upright, you can now tie it onto your rear view mirror or attach it to the vent clip and clip onto a vent

  4. To release the fragrance, you should now gently tip the bottle so that the fragrance soaks into the cork in the lid

  5. The fragrance will now begin to fill your car

  6. Each time the fragrance begins to reduce in strength, you can gently tip the bottle again

  7. Do not tip for longer than 2 seconds as the fragrance can begin to leak from the bottle as it absorbs into the cork

  8. Most importantly, enjoy your wonderfully smelling car

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