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How to set up your MHH Reed Diffuser

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

  1. Recycle or reuse all packaging and find a safe place to put your Diffuser - ensuring it is out of reach of children and pets, and away from drafts (drafts will have an impact on your scent throw)

  2. Carefully remove the stopper in the top of the Diffuser bottle (this will be difficult as the stopper needs to be secure enough to prevent spills in transit)

  3. Place your reeds into the top of the bottle:

    1. For small rooms e.g. small entryway or small bathrooms, use 2-3 reeds

    2. For medium rooms such a large bathroom, small kitchen, use 4-5 reeds

    3. For large, open spaces, use all reeds provided

  4. If the scent throw is too subtle, increase the number of reeds you use gradually, until you are happy with the strength of the scent throw

  5. When you first place the reeds in the bottle, leave them for 10 seconds to soak up some scent and then rotate them (be careful not to drip any oil on soft furnishings or wood of any kind)

  6. You can then rotate them as often as you like depending on how strong you like your fragrance e.g. once every few days to keep it nice and strong, once a week or only when you are due to have visitors. PLEASE NOTE: the more you rotate the reeds, the quicker the fragrance will evaporate, reducing the amount of time the diffuser lasts

REMEMDER: we sell refills for ALL of our diffuser products, click here to order yours. If you are using the same scent, you do not need to clean out the jar. For a new scent, you will need to clean out the empty container using hot, soapy water, and purchase new reeds (we will also provide a new label for your container to ensure it matches the scent in the bottle).

Some scents are naturally more subtle than others, if you prefer a stronger or weaker scent, please speak to a member of our team for recommendations for your next refill.

All of our refills are available on subscription meaning you will receive a new refill every 4 months automatically - reducing cost, time and effort.

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